Hi there - I'm an aspiring journalist currently studying at the University of Sheffield.

My Skills

  • I can write accurate news articles which are relevant and informative.
  • I can conduct interviews confidently and respectfully no matter the individual.
  • I can competently use Burli to produce radio bulletins and edit audio.
  • I can competently use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit and produce videos. 
  • I can write in a style that is serious and informative as well as casual and conversational. I adapt to the writing style of the publication.
  • I adapt to change well and can pick up new skills or information quickly, incorporating them into my work.
  • I am comfortable meeting new people and easy to get along with. 
  • I have confident public speaking skills.

About Me

I love everything creative, from painting, crocheting, and writing. Growing up, I spent evenings reading magazines and listening to my mother's old vinyl. Being a journalist has been my ambition since I flipped through my first copy of Vogue.

I am in my second year of Journalism Studies at the University of Sheffield. I have learned skills in feature writing, radio reporting, and video production. I am passionate about mental health awareness, feminism, and LGBTQ+ rights.